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in the last month-- about as good a campaign as he was running. the party coalition is not that great, sandy happened and so he couldn't do it. but if i were republicans -- and i saw a tweet from their e-mail being sent out by the tea party patriots that the republican elite foisted this weak moderate on us. >> ifill: already it begins. >> and so that's not fair. i think he ran better than the party. >> woodruff: you're saying, david, you don't think there are things he could have done differently? should have done differently. >> well, every campaign has mistakes. the 47% comments were not helpful. he could have positioned himself differently in the primaries. he could have done the last two debates differently. but i thought he gave some of the best speeches of his life in the last couple weeks. >> woodruff: the first debate he did extremely well. >> ifill: it should be said that the crowd had been deflated after waiting for a while to hear from the guy but they did get a little bit of full-throated war when paul ryan's name was mentioned. more so than when mitt romney walked out. so paul
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1